April 06, 2008

Boundaries in Relationships

What is a boundary anyway? I try to envision a boundary in relationship to others as the line we have that shows us where we end and another person begins. When our comfort level ends and we begin to feel uncomfortable with something, it is usually a sign that a boundary needs to be set. Too many times the limit is not set because of not wanting to hurt the other person’s feelings or fearing we would not be liked or accepted if we draw the line or say no. This can be anything from going on the second date when the first date clearly showed you one was enough, to becoming an Engineer because your father always wanted you to become one. Boundaries are wonderful things that I promise, you will enjoy more and more as you practice setting them.

What are some of the benefits? Decreased resentments, minimized stress, better use of your time and best of all, the more you set them, the more you will become aware of who you are apart from others.

by Nyla Lengacher