September 30, 2008

Imagination a source of Motivation

Creating an inner vision of the person you ideally want to be is a powerful source of motivation. It helps you to contemplate how you will feel, what it will look like and how you will behave as your ideal self. Consciously visualizing yourself as the person that you want to be, allows you to mentally rehearse the changes in behavior and perspective that are crucial to realizing your goal. Fear can keep you in your comfort zone. If any anxiety arises when you attempt your visualization, stop and write down potential blocks. For example, fear of success, feeling unworthy, fear of the unknown. When you can target the blocks, you can begin to re-frame your thinking or self-talk and keep going. Your still off to a good start. So take some time each week to visualize your ideal self and watch the results. Don't forget that your past is not an indicator of your future. Tomorrow really can be different.

by Nyla Lengacher