August 02, 2009

Avoid Choking Up

Research has shown that the more we over think something we are practiced at, the higher the likelihood is that we will choke. When learning a new task, our cerebral cortex kicks in and conscious thought is involved. However, after we have learned something well and it becomes more automated, the cerebellum area of the brain takes over and things become more subconscious. So if we put too much conscious thought into what we are about to do we can get tripped up.

If we scrutinize what we are about to do too much, it can cause the conscious part of the brain to override the subconscious area where it would flow. It’s best to try and focus on a single idea like calm, peace or smooth. This brings us back to the benefits of exposure. The more we do something, the more automated it can become.

Let me know your thoughts.

by Nyla Lengacher