January 05, 2011


To join or not to join? I’ll start by saying that I have not joined. The positives include, connecting with former friends and family you haven’t seen in forever, keeping up with each others lives through pictures and sharing. I see negatives like it being time consuming for many potentially taking away from face to face interaction and socialization.

An old friend recently emailed me. She asked me to get on Facebook to see her pictures. Since I’m not on Facebook, I called a friend and got on her account. I have to admit, I really enjoyed seeing my old friend’s pictures and reading some about her life. I had not seen her in close to 30 years! I’m not sure if I will ultimately get on or not but I’m much more tempted now.

So are you on or off?

by Nyla Lengacher


Carina said...

I have definitely not got on that's for sure as I see how it consumes those around me and usually in a non-rewarding or positive light. I figure seeking contact should be face to face something so many of us are loosing.

Angie said...

I am on FB. I "check-in" about 3 times a day, not for too long. For me, it has been a terrific social tool, allowing me to connect with old friends and make many new friends. It has been great for my intellectual well-being and socialization. As long as it is used correctly and not abused it is a treasure, for some with addictive personalities, it may be something to avoid.

Robin K. said...

I often wonder about school-mates but I see how addictive it is to others. All-consuming during work hours. People tell me I'm missing out but I prefer meeting for coffee, talking on the phone, or writing a LETTER. It's not the number of "friends" you can count on a website; it is the value of the socializing one on one...not on a "wall" or chatroom with an audience.

Off-topic: Lakeside Junior High School was a long time ago; congratulations on becoming someone who helps others. It was your destiny.

Anonymous said...

Just remember all the social sites have to monitize something to keep operating. YOU have nothing to say about what they monitize. When a site asks for too much personal information, beware. All your data is worth something and you can bet they already have it sold.

I agree that telephone calls, face-to-face meetings, letters, et al are far superior to the contest for friends, followers or whatever. Call me old fashioned, but...Sue