July 01, 2012

Write Your Story

We all have a life story.  One of the things I ask some of my clients to do is to think about what their story has been thus far and then sit down and begin writing what they want the rest of their story to be. 

The present is the now but you do have a part in what your tomorrow will look.  The writing exercise is intended to put you in a place where you really try to imagine what you want your future to look be.  Don’t think about anything you consider hindrances to that future just begin writing it down.  Your past is not your future, or at least it doesn’t have to be.

Does it feel better to think life is just pulling you down a river or to believe that you have some say in and control over what happens next?  So be a future biographer and work towards creating the life you really want to have.  If this seems daunting, start with an outline of chapter titles first and then go back and write the content.  This is for you so don’t make it too complicated.  Begin with just the next year of your life from tomorrow forward. 

Good luck and let me know how it goes!
Best Wishes,

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